Tuesday, September 10, 2013

OCC Moderncraft Liptars Review and Swatches!

Don't you hate it when you ask someone a question at Sephora or a beauty counter and they have no idea what your talking about! This was my experience when I called sephora to ask if they had the new OCC Moderncraft collection in stock. They should have as much passion and knowledge in cosmetics as I do! Lol...maybe it's just my problem being a beauty blogger.

Well after driving across town and searching sephora myself I found them! I picked up the four liptars in the collection and passed on the two stained glosses. 

L to R
Role Play ~ Deep red with red shimmer 
Sebastian ~ Cool grey/taupe
Black Metal Dahlia ~ Dark wine red with pinky/red shimmer
Anita ~ red based brown

I am in love with these! You all already know I love liptars and these don't disappoint! The colors (with the exception of Sebastian) are dark and vampy. It just makes me long for gloomy weather, sweaters, and boots but I live in California and Fall is nowhere in sight as its 100 degrees today!! :/ At least I can be fashionably fall ready with my OCC liptars! 

Like all liptars these have that great minty scent in them. They are opaque and long lasting. There are two new stained gloss in this collection but I didn't pick those up as they are very sheer and just didn't feel a need for them. 

Role Play is a very wearable shade. It's the lightest red shade of the bunch so if you want something for the fall that's wearable go for this one. This is going to be great for the holidays as well! 

Sebastian is such a unique color! I love it! It actually looks really cool on the lips! It almost comes off as a nude color with a twist lol. This one is just a lot of fun. Sebastian will be great for Halloween too! If your a fan of mixing liptars get this one. 

Black Metal Dahlia is stunning!! It's dark and shimmery! It's very bold and daring! You'll definitely get heads turning with this eye catching shade! 

Anita is a gorgeous dark brown! This one doesn't have any shimmer but it's just as gorgeous as the others! 

I'll probably post lip swatches of these on my instagram soon, but if you want to see them here just let me know and I'd be happy to do that for you. 

I highly recommend you check these out! 

You can find them at Sephora,, or for $18 each. 

What do you think of the OCC Moderncraft collection?

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