Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Melt Cosmetics lipsticks review and swatches!

As someone who is on instagram a lot, I can easily say it may at times enable some of my purchases. It's just so quick and easy to see hauls, swatches, and mini reviews! Lol

Currently all the buzz was about Melt Cosmetics. I had never heard of this line before instagram, but checking out their page and website I was easily interested with their bright bold lipstick photos!

They were hyping up the release of new colors and their original colors coming back in stock with a specific release date and time. I am not one who usually jumps at the hype, but these colors looked so gorgeous, I had to try them being a bright lipstick lover! 

decided on three shades; By Starlight, Stupid Love, and DGAF. 

By Starlight is a matte deep purple. 

Stupid Love is a super bright neon like matte pink. 

Lastly I picked DGAF because I don't have a blue lipstick quite like this color. DGAF is nice creamy dark blue. 

Here are some lip swatches I posted on instagram. 

As you can see Stupid Love is just as bright on the lips as it is in the tube. Now the formula on this is super dry! This does not glide on the lips. You must prep with lip balm beforehand. I would also suggest exfoliating because if your lips have any dry patches this is going to grab on to those areas and accentuate them and that's not cute! 

You can see how that happened on my lips with By Starlight. This color was kinda disappointing to me. The photos on Melt Cosmetics portrayed this as a true purple, but on my lips I feel as if it comes off as a berry/plum purple. It swatches prettier on my hand than my lips. I'm going to play with this one some more and completely white out my lips to see if I can get the color to look as I want it to. This shade is also extremely drying. 

DGAF is the most creamy of the bunch. It's actually not really matte. It stays creamy through out wearing it. It's the most comfortable to wear but oddly enough I wish this one was matte because it does transfer much much easier than the others. For such a deep bold color I wish it stayed put more lol. 

All three of these have a cheap lipstick smell. They are $19 each so I expected a much nicer scent for $19! I mean Lime Crime lipsticks aren't even this pricey. 

So with all that being said, I don't think these lipsticks are all that great. I don't love them, but I don't hate them either. The colors are gorgeous and I can work with them to make them feel nicer on the lips, but I feel I shouldn't have to. There are much nicer lipsticks out there. I don't think I'd purchase these again unless they come out with a nicer and better scented formula. 

Here are some swatch comparisons. 
L to R 
Wet N Wild don't blink pink, Nars schiap, Melt Stupid Love, MAC Candy Yum Yum, and Maybelline vivids in fuchsia flash. 

Did you purchase any Melt Cosmetics lipsticks? What was your experience?


Natasha V said...

What amazing swatches! I am a huge fuschia lover an will definitely check out Melt cosmetics after this post! xoxo

Xlovehappyx said...

I love By Starlight!

Unknown said...

Considering how close some of the other swatches you did were I'd have to agree that they totally arn't worth the $19 price tag! Although I can't say I've ever seen a blue lipstick quite like that before. It's a gorgeous colour although definitely not something you'll probably ever see me rocking, lol. Great review :)

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