Saturday, December 14, 2013

Pop Rox Cosmetics Lip Paints Review and Swatches

Well more lip products! Are you surprised by that?! Lol!

Left is the bright lip paint set and on the right is the primary set. 

Here is another line I learned of through instagram. Again the product images with the vibrant colors is what made me purchase. Also you all know I love my lip tars! I think they're the best lip product ever invented lol so I hoped to love these lip paints just as much, seeing as you could mix them to create new colors like you can with lip tars. 

Sadly these just don't come close to the quality of liptars. 

While the colors are vibrant and opaque, the formula is extremely drying! There is also a very heavy chemical scent. I just can't get passed the strong smell. On top of it all, they feel so drying on the lips you can almost feel it crack and settle into your lip lines. It seems as if I applied real paint to my lips lol. 

Shipping was very long. I ordered these on two separate occasions. I ordered the bright set and the primary set a week later. After not getting any info or tracking on my first ordered I had to contact their customer service and they were like oh ok we'll ship them together, as if they forgot about my order. They were nice though and I did get my order shortly after. 

I tried working with these by mixing in some lip balm to try to tone down the scent and make them feel less drying but they're still just ok. 

I really want to love these because the colors are so gorgeous, but I just don't. :(

I love this violet/lavender I was able to achieve but it was so uncomfortable to wear! :( 

These are just some of the many colors I mixed using the two lip paint sets. The colors you can achieve are endless, so that part is fun. I just wish the formula was better. 

Have any of you tried Pop Rox cosmetics? Did you have better experience with the lip paints? 

Friday, December 13, 2013

Revlon Lacquer Balm and Matte Balm Review and Swatches

When I first got word of the new Revlon Colorburst Lacquer and Matte balms I was super excited. I loved the kissable balm stains so I was eager to find these.

I originally picked up one matte balm in Shameless because I didn't have any coupons and they weren't on sale. I was waiting for a good sale to come out to get more, so when Walgreens had Revlon 40% off I took advantage of that and used all my coupons to get an even better deal. 

I ended up with four lacquer balms and three more matte balms. 

L to R 
Whimsical, Vivacious, Provocateur, Enticing, Unapologetic, Audacious, and Showy. 

Here is the matte balm in Shameless. When I picked this up I also bought a Maybeline Elixir lipgloss in Vision In Violet to pair with it with it. The first swatch is the matte balm in Shameless, then VIV, and the last swatch is VIV over Shameless. 

The Lacquer and Matte balms have the same minty scent/taste that the kissable balm stains have. I know some people don't like it, but I really like the mintyness in them. 

Obviously the lacquer balms are more hydrating and leave a shiny finish on the lips. Despite having more of a lustre finish they are very pigmented. You can apply them sheerer with one coat or build up the color easily with two coats. They will transfer and wear off quicker than the matte balms. I got about three hours of wear before having to touch up. 

The matte balms apply opaque right off the bat. They are not overly drying. These transfer as well but are much longer lasting than the lacquer balms. I got about five/six hours of wear with the matte balms. 

I am really happy with these and plan on getting a couple more shades. 

I definitely recommend you check these out at your nearest drugstore and don't forget to check your newspapers because they usually have Revlon coupons inside! :)

Have you tried any of the Lacquer or Matte Balms? 

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Pretty Zombie Cosmetics Liquid Lipsticks Review and Swatches

As I've mentioned before on my blog in recent months I have become very active on instagram, it's really my guilty pleasure/sick addiction lol, but I've learned of many new indie makeup lines out there because of it. 

This brings me to Pretty Zombie Cosmetics, I had never heard of them before instagram but the swatch photos is what really made me purchase. I also love long wearing lip colors. 

purchased the full set of five which includes Zombettie, Purple Poison, Pink Potion, Spellbook, and Black Cat. 

Natural light 
L to R ~ Black Cat, Zombettie, Pink Potion, Purple Poison, and Spellbook.

Here are some lip swatches in the same order as above. 

So first thing I should mention is that these are vegan and 100% cruelty free! Who doesn't love that! 

I have other liquid lipsticks from Stila, Kat Von D, and Lime Crime to name a few of the more popular ones but while the name liquid is in there names, they are really more of a cream that dries to a matte finish. Pretty Zombie Cosmetics liquid lipsticks actually feel like a liquid, like you're applying water to your lips. 

They apply with full opacity and dry down after about a minute to a matte finish. They can feel a bit drying over time, but that's usually expected from a long wearing lipstick. They aren't uncomfortable to wear though. You can always apply a little lip balm to make your lips feel more hydrated. 

Now because of the matte formula, they are very long lasting. You can eat and drink and these are going to last all day. 

I love the current range of colors. They are all bright and bold. Black Cat is amazing and a definite fashion statement lip. I wore this on Halloween and got a lot of compliments on it. I've never had a black lip product this opaque. 

Zombettie is a classic red. It looks great with full winged liner and big lashes! 

Pink Potion is an amazing bright pink! It's easily one of my favorite pink lip colors I own! 

Purple Poison is a beautiful bright purple! I love this one because it's not dark. I really love purple lips but most are always so dark. This one works well for me. 

Spellbook is a warmer pink compared to Pink Potion. It's probably the most wearable of the bunch.

The only negative thing I can say is because these are very liquidy they can leak and run from the tube, so make sure you close the lid tightly and wipe off any product that might be around the tube because they will smear everywhere! I know! Lol 

Also after they have sat for awhile without use they will separate, but a quick shake and it's good. 

Overall I am in love with these. I love the colors. I like how long lasting they are. I hope they come out with more colors in the future. 

You can find these on for $11 each or $49.99 for the full set.