Saturday, December 14, 2013

Pop Rox Cosmetics Lip Paints Review and Swatches

Well more lip products! Are you surprised by that?! Lol!

Left is the bright lip paint set and on the right is the primary set. 

Here is another line I learned of through instagram. Again the product images with the vibrant colors is what made me purchase. Also you all know I love my lip tars! I think they're the best lip product ever invented lol so I hoped to love these lip paints just as much, seeing as you could mix them to create new colors like you can with lip tars. 

Sadly these just don't come close to the quality of liptars. 

While the colors are vibrant and opaque, the formula is extremely drying! There is also a very heavy chemical scent. I just can't get passed the strong smell. On top of it all, they feel so drying on the lips you can almost feel it crack and settle into your lip lines. It seems as if I applied real paint to my lips lol. 

Shipping was very long. I ordered these on two separate occasions. I ordered the bright set and the primary set a week later. After not getting any info or tracking on my first ordered I had to contact their customer service and they were like oh ok we'll ship them together, as if they forgot about my order. They were nice though and I did get my order shortly after. 

I tried working with these by mixing in some lip balm to try to tone down the scent and make them feel less drying but they're still just ok. 

I really want to love these because the colors are so gorgeous, but I just don't. :(

I love this violet/lavender I was able to achieve but it was so uncomfortable to wear! :( 

These are just some of the many colors I mixed using the two lip paint sets. The colors you can achieve are endless, so that part is fun. I just wish the formula was better. 

Have any of you tried Pop Rox cosmetics? Did you have better experience with the lip paints? 


Anonymous said...

that's too bad; they looked like really fun colors! I really want to start using lip tars, but I always look weird with them on!

Anonymous said...

I have never heard of them until now. The colors looks so beautiful and their pigmentation is awesome but based on your review I think I will past.

Unknown said...

I just got my order in the mail that I ordered in November. I was so eager to try them out but one lipstick was out like literally out in the packaging not in the tube. The liquid lipstick stained my lips bad and to top it off it was not sent in the right color, even though its labeled to be in the color but it doesn't match the swatches I've seen on others. They were nice to me when I emailed them and i received my order three days later after emailing them but it makes me wonder what took so long.