Sunday, January 19, 2014

Dose of Colors lipgloss Burning Love and Purple Fusion Review

I think you can pretty much count on me to be testing the current new lip products out at any given time since I'm back with another lip product review lol!

Burning Love on top & Purple Fusion below

Dose of Colors is another line I learned of through instagram. The bright bold color swatches caught my attention so I just had to try them for myself! 

I purchased these on sale, I believe it was Black Friday and I'm glad I didn't pay full price for them. 

Now this isn't exactly a negative review. I have a few things I love about them. 

First off the packaging is adorable. I love the big tubes. They are much larger than a standard size lip gloss tube. 

The colors are bright, intense, and opaque, which is exactly what I love in a lipgloss! 

They are extremely moisturizing and feel great on your lips.

Now here is the downside of them being so hydrating, they have a lot of slip to them. They move and transfer everywhere!! 

I applied them with a lipliner, on top of lipstick, outlined my mouth with concealer to try and keep it all in but no matter what happened it migrated everywhere. If my hair touched it then I had red streaks across my face. It's just not a good look when your lipcolor is all over the place. 

It was just such a hassle wearing these. I was constantly checking my face to make sure it wasn't a mess, and when it wasn't it looked great! 

I think I will use these mostly on top of lipsticks and in very sparingly amounts.

They are $15 each and can be found on . 

Have you tried Dose of Colors? What was your experience with them?


Miranda said...

those colors look intense! I don't think I would use them but I know they will look awesome on you!!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous colors! Love it! I had the same slipping problem with the Rimmel Show Offs... They would get all over my teeth which was a shame because they were so intense, moisturizing and pretty!

Great post! Have you tried out their lipsticks? I was thinking about picking up one or two!

LipGlossGossip said...

@Miranda Thanks girly! They do have some more nude and soft neutral every day colors that look really nice from the swatches I've seen. :)

@Miss Louise Oh yeah, those Rimmel glosses weren't as bad for me as these. No I haven't tried the lipsticks but I'm dying to! I don't know if I should order some now or just wait till PHAMExpo in June! :)

Harriet said...

Ah, thank you so much for your honest review. I haven't purchased Dose of color gloss. I've been putting it off since the website itself says that it is not sticky as do many reviews. Glosses are either slippery (silicone based) or sticky ( oil based) I find that slippery glosses never stay around. Been having a ha rd time finding anyone saying the God honest truth in a review. One well known beauty blogger actually said that she ate a sand wich for lunch and it stayed on through all that. Impossible! Well maybe it was a teeny weeny high tea sandwich. Lol .
Anyways my favorite glosses are Mac Prolongwears and Lorac couture shine liquid lipstick that is really a gloss. These stay put.

Harriet said...

Thanks so much for your God honest review! Oh my one well known beauty blogger actually said she had a sandwich for lunch and this gloss didn't move. Lol, maybe it was a teeny weeny high tea type sandwich? I just can't bother wearing slippery liquid lipsticks so won't be purchasing these. I was suspicious of their staying power when the website described them as non sticky.
My favorite glosses are Mac Pro Long Wear and Lorac couture shine liquid lipstick which are both incredibly sticky and really do last hours.