Saturday, March 15, 2014

OCC Liptar in Rollergirl Review and Swatches

OCC Makeup recently released a new collection, Plastic Passion which includes six all new lip tars. You already know I love my liptars, so I had to get something!

I had planned on purchasing the entire collection, but decided to get just one because I will be attending PhamExpo in June and I will be able to buy them all there at a discount! :)

So the color I ordered is the shade Rollergirl. I just had to have this purple! It seemed like it might be similar to Belladonna which is discontinued, but sadly I don't own it to compare! 

Natural Light

This color is gorgeous! I can easily say it's one of my favorite liptars that I own! 

It's a vibrant purple/violet that just seems to glow! 

I have seen many people complain about lip tars being difficult to use, or are afraid of them. Don't be a afraid of liptars! I know they can be intimidating since they are so opaque and you don't want it to look bad, but they are very easy to use! 

~First thing is you MUST apply with a lip brush! A good lip brush! 

~I recommend the Royal & Langnickel C600 or even the MAC 231. Yes the MAC 231 is technically an eye brush but don't be afraid of using your brushes for other uses. It makes a fab lip brush!! ;)

~Line your lips with a lipliner in a cordinating shade. It doesn't have to match perfectly because you can blend it in later. This will help keep the color on your lips and from feathering out.

~Put a small dot of liptar on the back of your hand or a palette and apply it to your lips a little at a time with the lip brush. This will ensure you don't apply up too much product at once.

~If you do apply too much, grab a tissue and blot any excess product off and you're good to go!

As I've said before liptars can be a little drying over time but apply some lip balm to rehydrate your lips if it's a problem. It's not extremely drying by any means though. It's just not as creamy as when you first applied it.

When I wear my liptars I get about six hours of wear out of them and that's with eating and drinking, so they are fairly long lasting. 

Like with all lip tars, this has a minty scent which I enjoy. 

I can't recommend lip tars enough! I've blogged about them for years and will continue to post new shades as I get them! :)

The Plastic Passion collection is available on and now. The lip tars are $18 each.

Definitely check them out at Sephora if you can!

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