Saturday, May 31, 2014

FHI Heat KORE 1 inch Flat Iron Review

I have reviewed a couple flat irons here on my blog before, one being a ghd and the other the Missiko. Both are two of the best flat irons I've ever used. 

I have used so many flat irons over the years, since I was a young teenager that I feel like I'm a good judge of flat irons.

Hair Texture
I have very thick and wavy, sometimes curly hair. I say sometimes because if you have wavy hair it's usually unpredictable as to how it's going to behave lol. I also have very long hair. It goes a little past the middle of my back.

Short back story
The ghd was the first good flat iron I ever used. It lasted me a good 3+ years, which is amazing for me! The next flat iron I got was the Missiko which in my opinion is just as good as my ghd in terms of staying hot and straightening my hair. Sadly it did not last as long as my ghd, but it gave me a good two years. Since then I got a Cricket which started out great but after less than a year it's already not holding heat, which makes flat ironing take longer. Although I do have to note that I am very hard on my flat irons and am always dropping them! I know that plays a part in their demise! :/

I decided it was time to purchase a new one! 

Here's a tip if you're looking for a good flat iron, check your local tjmaxx or Marshall's. They always have nice flat irons. I have seen chi flat irons and many other pricier irons at a great discount.

I picked up the FHI Heat Kore 1 inch flat iron from TJMaxx. I had never used this brand before but have heard of it. 

The FHI Heat is suppose to be one of the best out there and the Kore collection is aimed towards professionals. 

This flat iron has a dial power switch, which is a plus. It ensures that you're not accidentally pushing a power button on and off. 

It heats up to 450 degrees, which is a must for my hair texture. 

As you can see in the before my hair is wavy and frizzy and after straightening with the FHI Heat it's sleek, smooth, and shiny!

I have had this flat iron for a few weeks and am absolutely loving it! I am able to straighten my hair quickly. It stays completely hot throughout the entire process. 

You can use it to straighten, curl, or flip in/under the ends. 

It doesn't snag any of my hair, which can be a big annoyance! 

I was lucky enough to score this for only $30 at tjmaxx. The cheapest I have found it online is at for around $80 with coupon code FHBC20.

I think this flat iron is totally worth the money, but if you are able to get a better deal at your TJMaxx or Marshalls like I did then don't pass it up!

Friday, May 30, 2014

NARS Kauai Eyeshadow duo Review and Swatches

I've been away from the blog a bit, but I'm back with this gorgeous eye shadow duo from NARS in Kauai. 
Natural light
I picked this up quite some time ago, right after it was released and I just love it! 

The shades are this gorgeous gold/taupe color and a iridescent deep purple.

Natural light

I'm actually not the biggest fan of NARS eyeshadows. I only really tend to pick up LE shades if they speak to me. I have a few permanent (non L.E.) shadows and find them to be chalky, flakey, and hard to work with.

When I saw this in Sephora the colors caught my eye and I almost passed it up but I went back to swatch it and I was so surprised at how opaque and buttery smooth they swatched. Unfortunately they only had the tester, but I placed an order as soon as I got home! 

I can easily say in the few months I've had this, it's already my most used NARS eyeshadow. 

The texture of this is perfect. It applies smoothly, opaque, and blends very easily unlike some of my other NARS shadows.

The gold shade in this duo is definitely the stand out! NARS eyeshadows are on the pricey side but the gold shadow makes it all worth it! It is highly shimmery, but not glittery. When I use it I feel super glam! It's just so stunning! 

I love wearing the gold all over the lid, a warm brown the the crease to blend, black liner, and mascara! It's a super easy look but looks fab! 

The purple is gorgeous as well but I do love the gold shade more. I also find I don't like wearing them together. I tend to always use them separately. It can look like a shimmer overload when worn together lol. 

If you like NARS eyeshadows or shimmery gold-taupe shadows this is a must have! 

You can still find this on, and for $35.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Too Faced Melted Lipsticks Review and Swatches

I'm sure you have all heard of the new Too Faced Melted lipsticks by now but I felt the need to share my view, because that's what I'm here for right lol. :)

The packaging is nice and simple and the color of the tube is coordinating with the shade. 

I decided to get two colors and of course I went with the Fuchsia and Violet! 

The applicator on this is different then most, and unfavorable to me. Years ago I had a bare minerals lip gloss with similar packaging and this kind of fuzzy felt tip got very yucky over time. I have had these for about three weeks but so far they are still fine. I hope they stay that way! 

Natural light 
Melted Fuchsia and Melted Violet


These do have a scent that is more fruity smelling rather than like a vanilla scent. It's very faint and after applying it you don't really smell it. 

The lipsticks apply smoothly and opaque. They don't dry down to a complete matte finish, they settle to a a creamy satin finish. They feel very nice and hydrating on my lips. 

The staying power is amazing for a lipstick that is not fully matte. These lasted 6+ hours on me with eating and drinking. 

There are about six shades to choose from and there are some more nude tones as well for those of you that like a more natural color. 

I absolutely love these melted lipsticks and plan on picking up a couple more shades. I hope they bring out more colors as well! 

These are pretty pricey at $21 each but I think they're well worth it! 

Have you tried out the new Too Faced Melted lipsticks? What are your thoughts?