Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Tom Ford True Coral lipstick Review

I have been lusting after Tom Ford lipsticks for awhile! I finally took the plunge and plopped down the $50 for it!...Well $49 plus tax to be exact lol! 

So I wanted to get something I could get a lot of use of and could wear with a lot of looks so I went with True Coral. I thought it'd be a great color for Summer!

As you can see the packaging is gorgeous! I love the TF stamped into the lipstick bullet and the top of the cap. 

Natural light
Excuse the messy lip swatch, I quickly threw this on as soon as it got delivered. I wasn't even sitting down in front of my vanity! Lol I was excited, but you get an idea of what it looks like on the lips. 

It applies creamy, evenly, and is mostly opaque. This was two layers, so it can be applied a bit softer if that's what you like.

The formula stays creamy and keeps your lips feeling hydrated throughout the entire length of wear. It does transfer and will fade a bit with eating and drinking. I wore it for about six hours and it had faded quite a bit by the end of my wear time.

I honestly think there are far better lipsticks and formulas on the market. Although this formula is very hydrating and creamy so if that is something you're looking for you might like this. 

I don't know if I would buy another Tom Ford lipstick, maybe if it was an LE color that was a MUST HAVE! For the $50 price range I much prefer the Rouge G De Guerlain L'Extrait or Jewel Lipstick Compact.

With that being said, I am happy to have this in my collection to try out the brand and formula.

Have you tried any lipsticks or cosmetics from Tom Ford? What are your thoughts?

You can find this lip color on for $49.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Sola Look Glamatica Collection Lipsticks Review

I recently received these lipsticks from a company called The Sola Look, for review. 

The artwork on the box is beautiful.

I received the Glamática collection of lipsticks. 
One of the things that grabbed my attention is the fact that this brand is geared toward Latinas. They feature the product information in both English and Spanish which is very cool in my opinion, especially since I am Mexican-American.

The packaging is a sleek and shiny finish. I love the pink logo with flowers. It's so pretty! 

L to R
Carolina, Karla, Isabel

I mean how gorgeous are these colors!!! 

Carolina is a beautiful fuchsia, Karla is a gorgeous classic red, and Isabel is a pretty classic nude.


As for the formula on these, they are more of a satin kind of finish. Even though they describe these as a matte finish, they apply very creamy and aren't drying at all.

They are lanolin free, fragrance free, and paraben free, AND they don't test on animals! Yay!

I have been wearing these all week and am very impressed. They wear very well. I got a good 7+ hours of wear out of these. After eating and drinking I had some fading but by the end of the day I still had color on my lips. 

My favorite of the three is definitely Karla. It's the perfect red! 

Me wearing Karla. Ignore my roots! Lol

I definitely recommend these lipsticks! You can find them on for $12 each or you can get the Glamatica collection for $30 which saves you a few bucks! U.S. Shipping is a flat rate of $2.50 and they ship Internationally for a flat rate of $10!

They currently only have six shades to choose from, but I hope to see an expansion of shades in the future!

Product provided for review. 

Friday, June 13, 2014

Tips for PHAMExpo Pasadena/L.A. and My Favorite Booths!

15 days and counting till PHAMExpo will be taking place in Pasadena at the Convention Center!

I am so excited to go. I had such a great time last year and have been looking forward to this years event. 

I have been to many makeup shows over the years and figured I'd share some tips to help you all out if you're planning on attending.

1. Wear comfortable shoes! Be prepared to stand in long lines! It's worth it in the name of beauty! ;) 

2. Buy your tickets online, ahead of time and make sure you print them out.

3. Book your hotel in advance. One time I waited till a couple days prior and realized everything was booked and I ended up having to stay in a not so pleasant hotel!

4. Bring a camera to take lots of pictures!

5. Bring along a small pack of makeup wipes or baby wipes if you plan on doing any shopping. Chances are you will be doing a ton of swatching so they will come in handy! Trust me!

6. Take business cards to network and meet with reps.

7. Have cash! Many of the booths take debit/credit cards but there are some who give you better deals if you pay cash such as not charging tax. 

8. When purchasing your items, make sure you check to see that you are given everything you paid for. No ones trying to rip you off but when booths are over crowded, a few mistakes will happen.

9.  Make a list! If there are many different booths you want to check out, products you want to see, or reps you want to speak with make a list so you don't forget. If you are a beauty junkie or MUA walking into a big makeup show for the first time can be overwhelming in a good way. There will be so much to see that you might forget to pick up a necessity like mascara wands or brush cleaner. I've been there! :P

10. Last but not least HAVE FUN! The weekend will be a fun filled event of beauty, knowledge, and demos, so be sure to enjoy it and meet new people!

Make sure you stop by some of my favorite booths including Inglot, Model in a Bottle, Sugarpill, Z Palette, Saucebox, Parian Spirit, OCC, Lise Watier, Ben Nye, Bdellium Tools, and Anastasia Beverly Hills. 

I'm excited to see some booths that I haven't been to before such as the makeup geek booth, Cailyn, and Sedona Lace.

Will you be going to PHAMExpo 2014? What are some items on your PHAMExpo list? 

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Loreal Youth Code Pore Vanisher Texture Perfector Review

On a recent trip to CVS I noticed the display of the new Loreal Pore Vanisher. How could I miss the bright pink display! I decided to give it a try and bought it.

Here is the 1.4 oz. size. The packaging is a basic squeeze tube, but I like that it's pink. Lol. 

The product is a beige color but applies colorless. You get no color from this whatsoever.

It feels slightly silicone-y, but has nowhere near the amount of slip as Smashbox photo finish, or many of the other primers on the market. I like the fact that it's less slippery, because even though a lot of the primers claim to help make your makeup last if you have oily skin, I find that's not the case. I have very oily skin and feel like when there is too much silicone it just glides all over my already slick face! Lol. Another problem I have with primers is because I have oily skin, it will make my foundation pool into corners, and areas I produce more oil, which makes my foundation look like a mess after hours of wear. Although some foundations take part in the problem as well, so I don't fully blame the primers. 

You really have to experiment and just find what works for you. After years of experimenting I know what to look for when buying face products for myself.

I am loving this Pore Vanisher! I know I keep referencing primers but this is essentially a primer. The directions say to use this after moisturizer, which is when I use my primer during makeup application.

During the past week I have found my skin is staying matte longer throughout the day. I never touch up with powder but will blot with blotting tissues if necessary.

It has a very light fragrance to it, but you don't really smell it after you apply it. 

I love that this is easily accessible. You can get it at any drugstore, target, Walmart, or Ulta. 

The price is a little high for drugstore at $24.99, but you can always search for coupons on I will say it's definitely worth it though! I pay more for the other primers I use so I'm saving money with this one. 

I already use the youth code moisturizer so I guess it's no surprise that I love this. There is also a new Youth Code texture Perfector serum which I'm going to pick up soon! 

Have you tried the Loreal Youth Code Pore Vanisher? What do you think about it?

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Sonia Kashuk Red Lip Matte lipstick, Review and Swatches

Let's keep it real here, I frequent target quite a bit lol, and I had seen this lipstick sitting on the shelves months ago when this came out during the holidays.

I never really payed it much attention because I had no idea what the color looked like since there is no tester. About a month ago I noticed that they had marked these down on clearance! I believe it was originally over $10 and they had reduced it to $5 so I picked it up. 

First off the packaging is really nice. It doesn't feel cheap. The cap has a nice tight fit. I love the white and gold together. 
Upon opening the tube I was pleasantly surprised to see the SK stamped into the top of the bullet. I think it gives it nice lux feel. It's very similar to the look of a Tom Ford lipstick. 

Natural light

As I said, this came out with the holiday collection and it's very fitting as it is a gorgeous brick red. Of course it can be worn any time of year. Red lipstick is always "in", in my opinion! 

The formula applies smoothly, opaque, and leaves a matte finish. It is not drying whatsoever despite the matte finish. 

It is very long lasting. I got a good seven hours + of wear before getting some minor fading. For the most part this will last all day and leave a stained lip at the end of a long day. 

If you happen to see this at your target definitely pick it up!  It's such a gorgeous red and a great long lasting formula. All of my Target stores around me still have many of these in-stock and on clearance, so hopefully you can find it in your location!

I hope Sonia comes out with more lipsticks in this matte finish!