Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Sonia Kashuk Red Lip Matte lipstick, Review and Swatches

Let's keep it real here, I frequent target quite a bit lol, and I had seen this lipstick sitting on the shelves months ago when this came out during the holidays.

I never really payed it much attention because I had no idea what the color looked like since there is no tester. About a month ago I noticed that they had marked these down on clearance! I believe it was originally over $10 and they had reduced it to $5 so I picked it up. 

First off the packaging is really nice. It doesn't feel cheap. The cap has a nice tight fit. I love the white and gold together. 
Upon opening the tube I was pleasantly surprised to see the SK stamped into the top of the bullet. I think it gives it nice lux feel. It's very similar to the look of a Tom Ford lipstick. 

Natural light

As I said, this came out with the holiday collection and it's very fitting as it is a gorgeous brick red. Of course it can be worn any time of year. Red lipstick is always "in", in my opinion! 

The formula applies smoothly, opaque, and leaves a matte finish. It is not drying whatsoever despite the matte finish. 

It is very long lasting. I got a good seven hours + of wear before getting some minor fading. For the most part this will last all day and leave a stained lip at the end of a long day. 

If you happen to see this at your target definitely pick it up!  It's such a gorgeous red and a great long lasting formula. All of my Target stores around me still have many of these in-stock and on clearance, so hopefully you can find it in your location!

I hope Sonia comes out with more lipsticks in this matte finish! 

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