Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Tom Ford True Coral lipstick Review

I have been lusting after Tom Ford lipsticks for awhile! I finally took the plunge and plopped down the $50 for it!...Well $49 plus tax to be exact lol! 

So I wanted to get something I could get a lot of use of and could wear with a lot of looks so I went with True Coral. I thought it'd be a great color for Summer!

As you can see the packaging is gorgeous! I love the TF stamped into the lipstick bullet and the top of the cap. 

Natural light
Excuse the messy lip swatch, I quickly threw this on as soon as it got delivered. I wasn't even sitting down in front of my vanity! Lol I was excited, but you get an idea of what it looks like on the lips. 

It applies creamy, evenly, and is mostly opaque. This was two layers, so it can be applied a bit softer if that's what you like.

The formula stays creamy and keeps your lips feeling hydrated throughout the entire length of wear. It does transfer and will fade a bit with eating and drinking. I wore it for about six hours and it had faded quite a bit by the end of my wear time.

I honestly think there are far better lipsticks and formulas on the market. Although this formula is very hydrating and creamy so if that is something you're looking for you might like this. 

I don't know if I would buy another Tom Ford lipstick, maybe if it was an LE color that was a MUST HAVE! For the $50 price range I much prefer the Rouge G De Guerlain L'Extrait or Jewel Lipstick Compact.

With that being said, I am happy to have this in my collection to try out the brand and formula.

Have you tried any lipsticks or cosmetics from Tom Ford? What are your thoughts?

You can find this lip color on for $49.


Unknown said...

Omg! so pretty. I love how creamy it looks. I feell what you're saying, though. for a less steeper price you can achieve the same results from another brand. it's still beautiful though <3


Anonymous said...

I've thought about getting the shade wild ginger...but I need a sale to go on to justify it! I agree, the Rouge G's are immensely better! I've actually collected 5 in the last few's a problem

Heather said...

So freaking gorgeous! I love it thanks for making me lust after something else Tom Ford heheh