Thursday, July 31, 2014

JCat Beauty Wonder Lip Paints Review and Swatches

It's a super hot day today, 100 degrees here in California! I'm sick of this heat!! I am so ready for Fall and Winter and sweaters and boots! Lol! I figured I'd share some hot lip colors with you all on this hot day!! 

I had never tried anything from JCat but I stopped by there booth at PHAMExpo and a display of these Wonder Lip Paints caught my eyes! 
At first glance I instantly thought of OCC liptars. The packaging is identical. 

But would they pack the same color payoff as liptars?! And at a fraction of the cost! 

L to R - 111, 113, 103, 102, 112, and 114


So how do they compare to my favorite lip products, the occ lip tars?

First off the scent is minty like liptars are but it's not exactly the same.

They swatch opaque, but when applied to the lips they aren't as opaque upon the first application. They require a bit more product to get even coverage and the color you see in the tube.

A big difference with these is that they are more on the glossy side, where as the occ lip tars are more of a matte finish.

Because the wonder lip paints have more slip to them, they aren't as long lasting as occ lip tars.

I think this could be a plus for some people, as not everyone likes matte lipsticks. It really just depends on your preference.

 I have worn all of these shades and the most wear time I have got out of them is about 2 to 3 hours at the most. 

They will transfer and fade with eating and drinking. 

I like wearing them paired with a coordinating lip pencil. I line and fill in my lips and find that this helps give the lip paint something to cling on to, which helps it last a bit longer.

They do feel very comfortable and hydrating on the lips. They never feel drying throughout the duration of wearing them.

The Wonder Lip Paints come in a bunch of gorgeous colors and even some fun colors like blue, gold, and green!

For the price, I think these are definitely worth checking out. If you are looking for something more hydrating than lip tars then you would love these!

You can find these on jcatbeauty,com for $4.99 each.


Anonymous said...

wow, for the price and comfort, these sound like something I'd get along with :) Plus, those shades are gooooorgeous!

Christine said...

These look awesome, definitely want to try them out for myself :-)

Christine, x