Friday, September 19, 2014

Luscious Cosmetics Review and Swatches

About a month ago I was contacted from Luscious Cosmetics to see if I wanted to try their products. I had never heard of the company so I was intrigued. They are a company that was created with South Asian and middle eastern women skin tones in mind. The thing that grabbed my interest is that they are cruelty free. They don't test on animals nor do they use any animal derived ingredients. 

I had no idea what they were going to send, so I was pleasantly surprised that they sent quite a few different products for me to try out.

Rebel Lipstick $6.40
Signature lipstick in shade #3 Buff Pink $7.69
Lip Pencil in #04 Tangerine $3.12
Natural Light
L to R - Lip Pencil in Tangerine, lipstick in Rebel, and Signature lipstick in 03
Lip Swatches
Top - Signature lipstick in #3
Bottom - Rebel

The first thing I went for was the lip products, obviously! 

I was very excited when I opened up Rebel lipstick. From the looks of it in the tube it was a very bright coral. When I applied it I realized it was extremely creamy. It felt very buttery smooth, which made it more on the sheer side. It could be layered for more color payoff though. The weird thing though is despite it being so creamy it somehow clung to dry patches on my lips and settled in my lip lines. Also because of the buttery finish this lipstick faded quickly. It lasted about two hours on me. 

The signature lipstick in shade #3 is a natural cool pink. I loved the formula of this one. It had more of a opaque satin finish. It was much longer lasting than the other lipstick. It lasted a good five hours. I love this one! It's a great every day color.

I also got the lip pencil in Tangerine and I really love it. It's very creamy and glides on smoothly. It doesn't tug on the lips at all. I definitely would pick up more of these. I love a good lip pencil and this one is really nice.

Velvet Matte Oil Control Powder $10.41

Next I received a Velvet Matte Oil Control Powder in shade 1. It is infused with vitamins and minerals and claims to control shine, minimize pores and even out skin tone. I have been using this a lot. I really think it's a great setting powder. It is very fine and provides a nice soft focused airbrushed look. I have been using it to set my liquid foundation and love it. The only problem is the color is a tad too light for my skin tone. I think shade 2 would match me better, although as the cold weather nears shade 1 might work for me in the winter. I definitely recommend this powder.

Sparkling Face Shimmer $7.19
Next I got a Sparkling Face Shimmer in Gilded Peach.
This is absolutely gorgeous! It's a beautiful golden peach highlighter. It blends nicely. It gives a very beautiful glow in the skin. You can use it to highlight your cheeks and I even used it on my lids as a shadow. It's beautiful! Definite must have! 
Natural light

Powder Blush in Coral Glow $6.69
Natural light
Natural light
Left is a finger swatch and right is blended in
Lastly I got the powder blush in the shade Coral Glow. I was excited to see this shade. I love coral blushes. I think they suit my skin tone very well. This blush is so pigmented, more so than I assumed it would be. When I first used it, I was a little too heavy handed with it lol, but luckily it blends in nicely. I didn't have any problems with it fading. It lasted all day. As you can see in the flash swatch photo above it has a glowy finish. It's not glittery or sparkly it just gives a soft glow to the cheeks. I love it! I would definitely pick up more of these blushes. 

This is a pic of me wearing everything above. I have the sparkling face powder to highlight and as my lid color on my eyes. On my lips I'm wearing the tangerine lip pencil and Rebel lipstick.

I thoroughly enjoyed these products with the exception of Rebel lipstick as it wasn't as long wearing as I would have liked. 

Overall I would definitely recommend checking out Luscious Cosmetics at . They do ship internationally but I was also told that they would be stocking their products in the U.S. soon! If I get more details on that, I'll update this post with that info.

Hope you all have a great weekend! :)

Products received for review.

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