Monday, January 12, 2015

Rimmel Provocalips - Little Minx Review and Swatches

Rimmel recently came out with some new long wearing matte lipsticks that I had to try asap! I love a good matte liquid lipstick/stain. 
The color I picked up is #310 in Little Minx. The lipstick print is super cute! 

Here it is first swatched before it's dried. 

This is after it has set and dries matte.

So this liquid lipstick features a two step process. The right is the matte opaque color and the left is step two which is a shiny top coat. Step two is just a clear gloss to add shine. I prefer it matte. Both wands have a doe foot applicator. 

Rimmel claims that this is a 16 hour wear lipstick. I wore this all day for about 8 hours and it lasted through eating and drinking without transferring. I had a bit that had faded on my inner lip by the end of the day. 

The lipstick side doesn't have much of a scent, but the clear gloss has a bit of a fruity sweet scent. It's not very strong though. 

As for the formula this is where I had an issue with this product. If you plan on wearing this as a matte lipstick only without the clear gloss, the matte color side tends to feel sticky. If you press your lips together they stick to each other and feel as though they slowly peel apart. It's kind of an annoying feeling. 

Also after about five to six hours the color can get a little peely and flaky around the edges, especially if your not wearing a lip liner. I definitely recommend wearing this with a long wearing lip liner like Urban Decays 24/7 lip pencils. 

If your looking for a less expensive long wearing matte lipstick then this might be worth checking out. If you can splurge a bit more but still on the less expensive side I would recommend the Sephora cream lip stains over these for $13. The Rinmel Provocalips are around $7 depending on where you purchase it. 

The color itself is nice. They come in a few other shades as well, including some lighter nude tones.

If I had to rate this I would give it a two out of five stars. It's just ok for me. I think I'm just used to a little higher quality matte lipstick/stain.

Have you tried Rimmels Provocalips? What are your thoughts? 

Purchased myself


Miss Tapia said...

Now I'm glad I didn't purchase one. The colors were so pretty though!

LipGlossGossip said...

@Miss Tapia, They are so pretty, but there are definitely better long wearing lipsticks out there. :)