Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Lorac Unzipped Cheek and Lip Set ~ Review and Swatches

I love Lorac Cosmetics so when I saw this new Unzipped Cheek and Lip set I had to have it. I went to my Ulta the day they got it in stock to pick it up and luckily I went in that day because they only received a few of these in store.

The Set includes a palette of four blushes and one Alter Ego Lipstick in the shade Girl Next Door.
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The four blushes included in the palette are Underrated, Unashamed, Unapologetic, and Unimaginable.

Underrated is a matte rosy pink. It is great for everyday wear. I've worn this one the most out of all four shades. It goes with everything!

Unashamed is a bright matte pink. This is a great pop of color on the cheeks and perfect for Spring and Summer. I think this will look gorgeous on darker complexions!

Unapologetic is a shimmery deep rosy bronze shade. I don't have anything similar to this in my collection and honestly didn't think I'd like this shade on me but I actually love it. It give a really pretty bronze-y glow to the cheeks. This is going to be beautiful for anyone to wear in the summer when they have more of a tan as well.

Unimaginable is a shimmery light apricot peachy color. I would say this is more of a highlight shade unless you are very fair. I have been using it to pop onto Underrated and Unashamed to get a more glowy look at times and I love it.

All four of these are very pigmented. I suggest using a good sized fluffy brush when applying so you get a softer application. A little goes a long way. They do blend out easily though. 

I found these blushes to be very long wearing. I wore them all day without them fading or shifting. 

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Alter Ego Lipstick in Girl Next Door is a pretty peachy/pink nude. 

This is a great neutral everyday lipstick shade. I have a few more of these lipsticks from Lorac. They are a matte formula and can be a bit drying but they are very long lasting. They do transfer but they definitely last a good six plus hours. I don't have as many nude lipsticks as I do brights so this is a great addition to my collection. 

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L to R ~ Underrated, Unashamed, Unapologetic, and Unimaginable blush, with Girl Next Door swatched last.


This set is only $30 which I think is a fantastic deal. You get four full sized blushes and a full size lipstick. It's a really great value. Definitely recommend checking this out!

You can find this set on or your nearest Ulta store.


Anonymous said...

that's a pretty great value! I also love the pink, feminine tones in this kit! Definitely looking into this now!

Embrace and Ignite said...

I find it very hard to find Lorac products here in Canada but the blush palette is something I would seriously love to purchase!

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