Tuesday, February 24, 2015

New Sephora Cream Lip Stain Shades ~ Review and Swatches

I first reviewed the Sephora Cream lip stain years ago and to this day it's still one of my favorite lip stains on the market. 

Sephora recently released several new shades in their lip stain collection, which of course I had to have! 

I believe there are ten or so new shades that were added to the collection. I picked up five of the new shades.
Natural light 

Natural light
L to R - Watermelon Slice, Pink Soufflé, Cherry Blossom, Whipped Blush, and African Violet
Watermelon Slice is a bright coral/red. This color is hot! It's going to be such a great color for Summer!

Pink Souffle is a nude pink. It appears bright in the photos but on the lips it's much more of a nude pink which I love. I've been searching for something like this for awhile. It's a great everyday color or to wear with more of a smokey/heavier eye look.

Cherry Blossom is a mid-tone semi-bright pink. If you like pink lips but want something that's not so over the top and in your face then this is a great shade for you.

Whipped Blush is a very bright neon pink. This is definitely my favorite! It's fun and bold. This is a great shade for Spring!

African Violet which is a beautiful violet purple. This is much more toned down than Pretty Zombie Cosmetics Purple Poison and Three Witches and KVD L.U.V.. I would say this is a "wearable" purple. It has a slightly mauve look when applied to the lips.

These are just as amazing as all of the previous Sephora lip stains I've purchased. 

The colors are opaque and apply evenly and smooth. 

They dry down quickly to a matte finish. They don't feel overly drying. Of course if matte lipsticks are uncomfortable for you, you can always apply a little lip balm to give your lips a bit more moisture.

I like to apply lip balm before any lipstick application to ensure I get a nice smooth application and it does help give my lips some hydration. 

They have a very slight sweet scent that you only really notice upon application. 

They are extremely long wearing. I can wear these for a good eight plus hours with minor fading, mostly on the inner lip area because of eating and drinking. 

I honestly can't say enough good about these lip stains! 

There are so many long wearing lip stains on the market today which are far more expensive than Sephoras Cream Lip Stains but these are still one of my favorites. 

If you're on a budget I would definitely recommend these. If you're not on a budget I would still recommend these! Lol! They are that good.

They are $13 each compared to around $20-$22 for some of the more expensive brands. 

Check these out the next time you're at Sephora. You won't be disappointed! 

Purchased these myself.Click images to enlarge.

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