Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Influenster Fresca Vox Box Review!

I've been signed up with Influenster and occasionally get a free box filled with products to sample and review. Anyone can sign up, if you're interested email me and I can send you an invite to sign up!

This post is long over due! Having a newborn has me so behind on blogging, but better late than never I guess. Awhile ago I received the Fresca Vox Box. 

The box included a lot of products that I've never tried before so that is always exciting. 

First thing I have is a Expert Last Lip lacquer from NYC Color in Rockaway Ruby. 

This lip color is so gorgeous! It is not too sticky for a lip lacquer, but it most definitely transfers. If you wear this, a lip liner is a must to keep it from feathering out. I would say drinking is okay but it will leave a mark on your cup or straw and will fade a bit. Eating with this lip color on is a no go. You will have lip gloss all over your food so I'd say avoid food while wearing this. 

It had a slight sweet scent which I appreciate. It isn't overbearing at all. 

Next I tried the Clean Freak Purifying shampoo and conditioner. This didn't really work out for me because I have color treated hair and it stripped a lot of color out. It smells great. If you use a lot of products in your hair this would be great to remove product buildup, but it's not something I particularly need. 

Next I tried the Neutrogena Healthy Skin Boosters facial cleanser. This is a great gentle every day cleanser. It smells fresh and clean. I felt like it did a good job at cleansing my skin. It's not my favorite cleanser I've ever used but it's good. 

I forgot to take a single photo of this and I already lost the cap so this photo will have to do lol. 

I honestly didn't love this. It does smell great, but for a shaving cream it's not moisturizing at all. My legs tend to be very dry so I need lots of moisture when shaving. If I don't use something very moisturizing my legs will get irritated and razor burn very easily. It felt like this shaving cream just sat right on top of the skin instead of really setting in the skin to provide a good moisture barrier. I much prefer to use a good conditioner on my legs for shaving. This gets a thumbs down from me. :/

I honestly don't tan. I stay out of the sun and am not one to use self tanners. I self tanned my legs a few times maybe two years ago with one product, so I don't have much to compare with here. 

Although this is more of a makeup for your legs. It washes off in the shower so it won't last a few days like a self tanner would.  Maybe that's appealing to some people but I assume if you want tan legs you'd want it to last a little while. This does claim to be water resistant but it rinsed right off in the shower. I'd be worried about wearing this out in public. It did give a nice glow and slight color to my legs though. I feel like I prefer a self tanner over leg makeup. 

My absolute favorite item in the Fresca Vox box is this Eau De Toilette by Jafra in Violet Pomegranate. It smells amazing!! 

It's slightly sweet, but not candy sweet, more fruity and very fresh smelling. I've been using this everyday since I got it. 
They also included mini vials of the other scents to try but I'm glad I got the full size in the Violet Pomegranate since it's my favorite. 

I love the glass bottle. It's very beautiful yet simple. I honestly can't get enough of this fragrance. Definitely recommend! 

Thanks to Influenster for giving me the opportunity to try these products! 

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