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Mommy blog - Muslin Swaddles

Long time no post! I know all my blog posts seem to start this way nowadays but I find myself struggling to make time for my blog. I sure do miss it though.

My days are currently filled with a newborn baby, toddler, and a semi preteen (11 yr old) which I love but the blog has taken a back seat!!

With the new addition to our family I have been exploring and finding new baby products which I'd like to share with you. 

I don't know if this is a new thing in the baby world but I recently heard of these muslin swaddle blankets. 

Way back when I had my first baby 11 years ago and even 3 years when I had my second boy I had never heard of them. The only swaddle blankets I had were the classic receiving blankets.

I don't know about you but the receiving blankets were never big enough for my babies. I don't think I had abnormally large babies but they just seemed to outgrow them so quickly! I remember thinking man I wish I had some bigger blankets to swaddle them in.

In the first few weeks swaddling is a must, especially to try and get a good nights rest. 

When you swaddle your newborn they are much more likely to sleep better because they feel secure and cozy all wrapped up. 

So that brings me to my new baby girl. I actually still didn't have these for her when she was born, although I had heard of them I didn't really think I needed them since I had received a lot of receiving blankets at my shower. Then one day I was browsing online and saw these beautiful baby blankets and noticed they were made of muslin fabric so I decided  to place an order. 

When it was delivered I opened them up and was so impressed with the quality, the size,  and the softness. These baby blankets were everything I wish I would have had with my boys! 

So muslin is basically a cotton that's woven to have a open breathable texture. These blankets are very light weight. 

Most of these range in size of 40x40 inches up to 47x47.

The large size is amazing for swaddling the baby. 

These are also great to use as a car seat cover, stroller cover, nursing cover, or to just lay the baby on top of. 

I honestly fell in love with them and ordered several more to try them all out. 

The first ones I ordered were from a brand called little unicorn. They make beautiful prints. You can get them in sets of three or individually. I ordered a set of three plus the poppy flower print. 

While I am very pleased with these they aren't the softess muslin blankets I have. 

$16 each or $38 for set of three

On my research I found the most popular brand was Aden & Anais. You can find them at babies r us, Nordstrom, Target even has a line of them.

The heart and bird prints came in a set. I was initially drawn to the heart print but that one is definitely one of least soft. The hearts are stamped onto the blanket with fabric paint so it feels a bit rough and stiff to the touch. It's pretty but not the nicest. The bird print is so luxuriously soft, it is one of my favorite texture wise. The star print falls somewhere between the other two. It's soft but the stars are kinda rough. 

I should note that these do get softer with each wash.

Aden & Anais vary in price. It's always a better deal to buy them in sets. 

I ordered this set from Nordstrom. These are from Mini Boden. These are the thickest muslin blanket I have. They are still light weight but are definitely more of a substantial blanket. The print is beatiful and these are very soft. They are not stiff or scratchy at all. Definitely recommend these! This set was on sale at Nordstrom for $24.

This adorable swaddle is from a company called lulujo. It is the softess muslin blanket I have along with the next one below. The heart print is super soft and not scratchy or rough one bit! 

$14 on

This one is from a company called iplay. I also got this one from This one and the lulujo swaddle are the softess muslin swaddles that I have. They feel like a dream! If you're looking for a muslin swaddle that feels like a dreamy cloud then go for either of these! 

$14 on

Lastly I have the newest additions to my muslin collection from a company called Margaux and May. I was googling something and somehow came up on these and fell in love with the prints. I liked that they were more of a trendy print and not so baby cutesy you know what I mean? Well these are extremely soft, not quite as dreamy soft as the lulujo or iplay swaddles but they're still amazing! 

These are $29.99 for the set on

One thing that I need to point out is that they can snag easily so be sure not to wash them with anything that has velcro like baby bibs. 

These blankets are much pricier than a traditional receiving blanket but they are so worth it. You won't regret getting these.

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