Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Mommy blog - Fisher Price Precious Planet 2 in 1 Projection MobileReview

When I was putting my daughters room together I wasn't sure what theme I was going to go with. As it came together I ended up with a room centered around a princess theme. 

I couldn't really find a mobile that matched or I even liked but it got to the point where I needed something to keep her entertained for a few minutes so I can get things done.

I was browsing baby products as I always do now and came across this Fisher Price Precious Planet mobile and it had great reviews so I ordered it instantly. 
As you can see this no way represents a princess room but this has been one of our best baby purchases! 

This is when we first set it up a couple months ago. We initially placed it on the side of the crib but it sat too low.

On the inside of the canopy/umbrella it projects images of animals, which is super cool and adorable!

Here is a better look at the whole thing. You can see it is rather large, so we moved it on the back of the crib and it gave her a better view since its higher up.
Closer look. It doesn't match her room at all but it is very cute! 

The canopy can be removed so you can project the images on the ceiling. 

The mobile also plays lullabys, nature sounds, and a heartbeat.

Whenever I need to set her down for a few minutes or she's getting fussy I set her in her crib with the lullabys playing and she calms down. 

When I put her to bed, if she's awake when I'm laying her down I'll turn it on the nature sounds with the projection on. She never has any problems falling asleep. She'll stare at it and doze right off. 

There is a two sound volume control and you can also control whether you want just the sound on, the sound with the mobile spinning, or the sound, spinning, and projection on.

The mobile also comes with a remote control. It's a one button control just to power on and off but it comes in handy if you need to turn it back on. 

This mobile has been a life saver! It has allowed me to grab a snack or drink, do something for one of my other kids, get some laundry done, and more. 

If you're a new mom I definitely recommend this mobile! 

You can find it on for $50.

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