Friday, September 18, 2015

Makeup Monsters Cosmetics liquid lipstick review

I am all for trying new brands of products. When I hear of a new line that I haven't tried I'm always eager to get some products to get a feel for the line and see if it's any good.

I learned of Makeup Monsters Cosmetics through Instagram awhile ago. I have so many liquid lipsticks but figured I should try a couple out. They also just revamped their packaging and formula so that itself sold me! 

How cute is this packaging. I know it's not something not everyone will love as it might clash against the lipstick color but I think it's fun! :)

        Redwood and Sassy

Now onto the colors themselves.

I wanted to get something unique and different than what I have already in my liquid lipstick collection so I ordered the shade Redwood. It is a stunning burnt red brown shade. It screams Fall weather! I can totally picture myself wearing this on a cool fall day with warm cozy sweater and some boots. Ugh I love it! 

I wanted to get one other shade and figured why not get my signature bright pink, so I ordered the shade Sassy. Even if I have something similar I thought it would be good to try their formula because all liquid lipsticks are not created equal! 

The formula on both of these is perfection. They are opaque in one swipe. 

In the swatches above Sassy swatched a bit unevenly and I was worried it would be the same when applied to the lips but I had no issues with it at all. They both applied creamy and evenly. I had no patchiness. 

These claim to have a long wearing "touch proof" formula and I'd have to agree. I wore them both for a good nine hours and only had some fading on the inner lip area from eating and drinking. I kissed my hubby and kids and had no transferring at all.

The formula is so good that they didn't dry out my lips at all. My lips felt hydrated throughout the entire time I had it on yet they didn't transfer. Amazing! 
These are $15.95 each for 0.20 oz of product. This is a great price for such a good quality liquid lipstick. I would know, I've tried them all! 

Sephora and Kat Von D liquid lipsticks have always been my top favorites but honestly these might just take over! I'm so happy with these liquid lipsticks. I'm definitely going to get more! 

If you're into more nude shades they have quite a few to choose from along with a ton of other colors! They even have some blues, greens, black and grays! 

I definitely recommend you check these out if you're into liquid lipsticks!


Monica said...

I've been following Monsters Cosmetics for a long time, even before they had the lipstick line and I must say all of their colors look very nice. I have yet to buy one but I hope to soon.

LipGlossGossip said...

@Monica, Oh you will love them! I plan on purchasing a few more! :)