Sunday, January 17, 2016

Cao Cosmetics Editorial Eyeshadow Palette Review and Swatches

I have another new line to feature here on LipGlossGossip today. When you attend beauty events it's always great to learn of new products or new to you brands!

I learned of Cao Cosmetics at The Makeup Show Pop Up Shop in San Francisco a few months ago and thought it was time to share my thoughts on what I picked up.

At the show they had a display of shadows, blushes, palettes, and even some really nice lighting! I gravitated towards the palettes. 

The palette itself is packaged in a standard cardboard packaging. Nothing fancy but it's simple and not too bulky. 
The palette opens up backwards which I thought was odd. It seems as though the shadows should be on the other side of the palette. Every time I reach for this I am thrown off and I open it with the shade names upside down since it feels like the palette should be arranged the other way. I think or hope you understand what I'm saying! 

With that being said once I do open it I just turn it the right way and have no real issues with it. I mean who am I to say anything, I look at magazines from back to front! Lol.

Natural light

Natural light
I was gravitated toward this palette mainly for these six shadows. I figured everything else was just a bonus.

Natural light
L to R
Sassy, Awaken, Chic, Expose, Rust, Glam, Verde, Cosmo, Dusk, Abyss, Sin, and Latte.


The shadows are beautiful. I have really loved using this palette. They all blend beautifully, 

They are very pigmented. The swatches above are with no primer. 

I think this is a really versatile palette. You get some really beautiful everyday neutrals and some fun colors as well. I haven't really used the blues and greens but I can see myself using them a lot more come Spring time. 

This is the Editorial palette but they also make a High Fashion palette that has some super bright shades and they have a Smokey palette that includes some beautiful neutral shades.

They are made here in the U.S..

They do not test on animals and are paraben free.

Now here is the only negative they are $90! I was able to purchase them half off due to being at The Makeup Show but if you were to purchase these directly from the website they would cost $90.

While I love these shadows I would not pay $90 for this palette! 

If you find these at a beauty event, makeup show, or a sale of some sort I definitely recommend checking them out! 

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