Saturday, January 9, 2016

Colour Pop Ultra Matte Lipsticks Review and Swatches

Last year the brand ColourPop exploded onto the beauty seen!

I first heard of the brand through Instagram of course. I started seeing it on my feed over and over again. I didn't pay that much attention to it till I learned of the price, everything was very affordable at $5 each for lipsticks, lip pencils, and shadows. I was intrigued by the price but still held out on purchasing anything.

Then they released some new liquid matte lipsticks for $6 each and of course I couldn't pass that deal up! 

You know I love liquid lipsticks so I purchased eight. I know, I know eight is a lot but that was me having self control lol! I wanted them all! 

I purchased the shades Trap, Bumble, Succulent, Pacific, Highball, Sundae, Buds, and Drive-In.

Trap is a cool taupe shade that is very on trend right now.

Bumble is a warm terracotta shade.

Succulent is a warm red orange.

Pacific is a bright orange.

Highball is a bright warm fuchsia.

Sundae is a cool purple toned fuchsia.

Buds is a bright Barbie pink.

Lastly Drive-In is a cool mid one purple.

This is just eight of the over forty shades that they have now. They definitely have a wide range of colors. There is a shade for everyone.

The texture on these varies slightly from shade to shade, although they have a creamy texture over all. 

I had the most trouble with Highball and Buds. The texture of these was almost lumpy so it required work to get a smoother application. They also didn't dry very evenly after application. They were a bit patchy.

The ones that were the best formula and comfort wise was Trap and Bumble.

These two were also the longest lasting on the lips as well. I would say around four or five hours. 

Every single one of these peeled and cracked in a weird way. 

I would say all the liquid lipsticks I've used in the past when faded, fade from the inner lip area because that is from eating, drinking, and talking. 

These though cracked and crumbled off and the weirdest part was it happened from the outer edge of the lip and every other area of the lip as well. 

I guess it was just less attractive to have it crumble away in various random areas verses fading from the inner lip like most lipsticks do. 

Another negative for me was trying to fix it and smooth over it by reapplying just made it worse. The newly applied liquid lipstick would rub the previously applied lipstick and ball up and look chunky. 

It was just a mess. I've never had such a negative experience with liquid lipsticks.

I hate writing bad reviews but I have to be totally honest. I would not recommend these at all! 

Before you think we'll maybe she doesn't know what she's doing, I have almost every single liquid lipstick on the market. I've been buying liquid lipsticks before they were the trend. I started with Stilas original liquid lipsticks years ago.

I also don't have dry lips and always prep my lips with lip balm before any lipstick application. 

I did try these with various lip balms underneath and none at all to try and get the best outcome but they were a fail time and time again.

I guess this is one of those you get what you pay for instances. For about double that price you can get amazing liquid lipsticks from the Sephora line. 

I think the company and customer service is great. They have many other great products. I love their eye shadows! 

I would just pass on the Ultra Matte Lipsticks. 

Have you tried ColourPops Ultra Matte lipsticks? What was your experience? 

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