Saturday, February 27, 2016

MAC So Select Lipstick - Review and Swatches

MAC recently created a rewards program! Like me I'm sure you're thinking "it's about damn time!". Lol! If this was around eight years ago I'd be at the top of the rewards platform! I used to buy every single new collection that came out in its entirety!

Of course this was at the early stages of my makeup obsession and I only had one child! Lol! 

Over the years I have moved away from the brand to try new products from other companies. 

I still love a lot of their products though and I honestly believe their lipsticks are hard to beat!

MAC Select has three tiers; Seduced, Devoted, and Obsessed. 

They each come with separate perks. 

When you sign up you're automatically in the Seduced category. 

In honor of the new rewards program they released a lipstick called So Select.

Natural light

Left swatch is natural light, right top is with flash, and right bottom lip swatch is natural light.

The color is a rosy brown.

It is a matte formula, so it is fairly long lasting. It does transfer though. It's not overly drying like a liquid lipstick. You can still rub your lips together comfortably. 

As with all MAC lipsticks it has that light vanilla scent. 

This color is very on trend right now. It definitely has that Kylie Jenner lip tone to it. That aside I do think this is a great everyday shade. I got it a few days ago and I love that I can wear it with almost any makeup look I am wearing.

This lipstick is only available to MAC Select rewards members so I definitely recommend you sign up. 

You can find more info and sign up here .

Friday, February 12, 2016

Ciaté London Liquid Velvet Matte Lip Slick Review and Swatches!

I purchased this trio of mini liquid lipsticks during the holidays. Sephora had this set for only $22 so I couldn't pass up such a great deal! 

I thought it'd be a great way for me to try a new brand and a great combination of shades. 

I must quickly note that this set is no longer available but these shades are sold individually in the full sizes.

The three shades included are Swoon, Pin Up, and Diva.

Natural light, First applied still wet
L to R ~ Swoon, Pin Up, and Diva
Dried and set natural light
Dried and set with flash

Swoon is a peachy nude. It's a great everyday shade that will work with anything.

Pin Up is a mauvey medium plum shade. I LOVE this one! This is probably my favorite of the three if I had to choose one!

Diva is a classic red. You can never go wrong with a good red!

I wasn't aware Ciate made lip products. I only knew of their nail products before this. I am always up for trying new lip products so I had to have this little set.

They have a mousy consistency and they set very quickly. 

I think lip prepping is key when wearing liquid lipsticks.

If you're wearing liquid or matte lipsticks daily you should exfoliate your lips once a week. This will ensure you remove any dead skin. You don't want to apply a matte lipstick to peely dry lips. 

Next you want to always prep with a lip balm before liquid lipstick application. This will just ensure a nice smooth canvas for your lipstick.

If you take these steps you should have no problems with liquid lipsticks.

These are extremely long wearing. I've worn these for a solid 12 hours and they didn't budge. You will get minor fading on the inner lip with eating or drinking but it's minor.

There are a few other shades listed on as well as these but I did see that Ciate is bringing out eight new shades!! 

They are $19 each with 0.22 oz of product. This is a great price for how much product you get. You get 0.11 in a Anastasia liquid lipstick.

I absolutely love these and plan on picking up several more! I honestly think I need them all!! 

Here's a photo of me wearing Pin Up!

Monday, February 8, 2016

The Makeup Show 2016 Dates!

I attended The Makeup Show Pop Up Shop in San Francisco back in late August. It was my first time attending The Makeup Show. I was excited to have an event near me as I live in Northern California.

This year The Makeup Show is back with shows in L.A., NYC, Dallas, and Chicago.

There will also be more Pop Up Shops in New York, San Francisco, and Atlanta.

They just had a show in Orlando which I didn't realize already passed!

The Makeup Show L.A.will be on March 19 and 20. There will also be a Makeup Show Gala on the 18.

The Makeup Show NYC will be May 1 and May 2, 2016.

The Makeup Show Pop Up Shop Atlanta will be June 18 and June 19, 2016.

The Makeup Show Dallas will be September 24 and September 25, 2016.

The Makeup Show Chicago will be November 12 and November 13, 2016.

These events are always a great time. You get so much education and product information. It's also great for networking, putting yourself out there and meeting new people.

Let me tell you I am quite a shy person in real life but I always have a great time at these kinds of events and always meet so many amazing and inspiring people.

When you're around like minded people and people who have the same passion as you it's really an uplifting positive experience.

Of course there will be several exhibitors so you can shop and replenish your kits at a discount.

The Makeup Show is for working professional artists so I definitely recommend attending if you have the opportunity. You won't regret it!

I recommend visiting and clicking on the "Updates" tab so you can sign up for their mailing list so you can stay up to date on everything!

You can also purchase your tickets now!

I hope to attend The Makeup Show again this year! 

Friday, February 5, 2016

Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir Mascara Review

I received the new Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir mascara from Influenster. I have been using it for over a month so I figured it's about time I share my thoughts.

The tube is beautiful! I have several other Marc Jacobs products and I love how the packaging always feels very high end. I wouldn't expect anything less! 

As you can see here on the left is without mascara and on the right is with one coat of Velvet Noir!

I have been loving this mascara! It gives my lashes so much volume and length!

I have sensitive eyes and this hasn't irritated my eyes at all. 

The formula is a little bit more wet but once it dries I didn't have any flaking or smudging. 

I honestly was very surprised at how much I loved this mascara. I guess I didn't expect much since there are only a few mascaras I truly love. 

I would definitely recommend you check this one out! 

You can find it at sephora for $26.