Friday, February 12, 2016

Ciaté London Liquid Velvet Matte Lip Slick Review and Swatches!

I purchased this trio of mini liquid lipsticks during the holidays. Sephora had this set for only $22 so I couldn't pass up such a great deal! 

I thought it'd be a great way for me to try a new brand and a great combination of shades. 

I must quickly note that this set is no longer available but these shades are sold individually in the full sizes.

The three shades included are Swoon, Pin Up, and Diva.

Natural light, First applied still wet
L to R ~ Swoon, Pin Up, and Diva
Dried and set natural light
Dried and set with flash

Swoon is a peachy nude. It's a great everyday shade that will work with anything.

Pin Up is a mauvey medium plum shade. I LOVE this one! This is probably my favorite of the three if I had to choose one!

Diva is a classic red. You can never go wrong with a good red!

I wasn't aware Ciate made lip products. I only knew of their nail products before this. I am always up for trying new lip products so I had to have this little set.

They have a mousy consistency and they set very quickly. 

I think lip prepping is key when wearing liquid lipsticks.

If you're wearing liquid or matte lipsticks daily you should exfoliate your lips once a week. This will ensure you remove any dead skin. You don't want to apply a matte lipstick to peely dry lips. 

Next you want to always prep with a lip balm before liquid lipstick application. This will just ensure a nice smooth canvas for your lipstick.

If you take these steps you should have no problems with liquid lipsticks.

These are extremely long wearing. I've worn these for a solid 12 hours and they didn't budge. You will get minor fading on the inner lip with eating or drinking but it's minor.

There are a few other shades listed on as well as these but I did see that Ciate is bringing out eight new shades!! 

They are $19 each with 0.22 oz of product. This is a great price for how much product you get. You get 0.11 in a Anastasia liquid lipstick.

I absolutely love these and plan on picking up several more! I honestly think I need them all!! 

Here's a photo of me wearing Pin Up!

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