Saturday, February 27, 2016

MAC So Select Lipstick - Review and Swatches

MAC recently created a rewards program! Like me I'm sure you're thinking "it's about damn time!". Lol! If this was around eight years ago I'd be at the top of the rewards platform! I used to buy every single new collection that came out in its entirety!

Of course this was at the early stages of my makeup obsession and I only had one child! Lol! 

Over the years I have moved away from the brand to try new products from other companies. 

I still love a lot of their products though and I honestly believe their lipsticks are hard to beat!

MAC Select has three tiers; Seduced, Devoted, and Obsessed. 

They each come with separate perks. 

When you sign up you're automatically in the Seduced category. 

In honor of the new rewards program they released a lipstick called So Select.

Natural light

Left swatch is natural light, right top is with flash, and right bottom lip swatch is natural light.

The color is a rosy brown.

It is a matte formula, so it is fairly long lasting. It does transfer though. It's not overly drying like a liquid lipstick. You can still rub your lips together comfortably. 

As with all MAC lipsticks it has that light vanilla scent. 

This color is very on trend right now. It definitely has that Kylie Jenner lip tone to it. That aside I do think this is a great everyday shade. I got it a few days ago and I love that I can wear it with almost any makeup look I am wearing.

This lipstick is only available to MAC Select rewards members so I definitely recommend you sign up. 

You can find more info and sign up here .

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Lupe Hernandez said...

Such a pretty color! I love their matte formula, so I'll need to check it out!