Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Amuse Bouche by Bite Beauty Lipsticks - Review and Swatches

I was fortunate enough to receive the Amuse Bouche voxbox from Influenster.

First off I must say that Influenster has really stepped up their vox boxes! I love that they have boxes tailored to beauty bloggers!
Bite Beauty recently launched their new Amuse Bouche lipsticks at Sephora. 

The packaging is a sleek matte black tube. 
The three colors I received are Pepper, Gazpacho, and Beetroot. 
Natural light 

Pepper is a pinky rose shade.

Gazpacho is a true red. 

Beetroot is a deeper raspberry red. 

Natural light swatches
Pepper, Gazpacho, and Beetroot

I was so happy to get these because we're currently in the trend of matte liquid lipsticks. While I do love the matte liquid lipstick trend it's all I ever really wear nowadays. This was a nice change to have a real lipstick. 

The formula is very hydrating. They apply smooth and creamy across the lips. 

They are made from 12 edible oils which I find quite interesting. I'm not about to go scarf down my lipstick but it's good to know that they are made with natural oils and I'm not ingesting anything crazy!

They are paraben free, sulfate free, and phthalate free.

Since they are a cream finish they do transfer and wear off over time. 

Eating and drinking will make them wear off much more quickly, that pretty much comes with all cream lipsticks though. 

All three lipsticks applied evenly and opaque.

I loved the formula. My lips honestly needed the moisture. 

They have a very light minty citrus scent. 

Overall I really love these lipsticks and plan on purchasing a few myself. I would really love to get a bright pink fuchsia! 

They come in 34 shades so there is something for every ones taste!

I definitely recommend you check these out the next time you're at Sephora. You can also find them on for $26 each.

Here is a pic of me wearing Beetroot!

Have you tried the new Amuse Bouche lipsticks? Share your thoughts below!

Monday, March 14, 2016

Danessa Myricks and Orlando Santiago 2016 Trends ~ The Makeup Show L.A.

I have a fun post today! I will be sharing trends for the upcoming season from two Pro Makeup Artists for The Makeup Show from Danessa Myricks and Orlando Santiago. I will also share my thoughts on these trends and makeup trends in general.

These trends are taken directly from P.R. from the artists so I have copied and pasted. I wanted you to see exactly what the Pro Artists are saying! :)

From Danessa Myricks

Statement Lips 
Gone are the days of being shy about lip color. Lips are doing all the talking this season. Lips are bold, bright, and trendy in every finish. Whether it is bold mattes, vivid lacquers, or traffic stopping metallics, statement lips paired with pretty, clean skin are all the rage.

My thoughts
Oooh You know I love a bold statement lip. I am all about lip color! I have worn everything from nude to blue lipstick. It's always fun to try and wear a new lip color!

Bold in Blue 
We’ve fallen in love with blue again. Blue liner on the lids, blue mascara & rimming the eyes blue are all on trend. Blues ranging from powder blue to cobalt rock the runways.

My thoughts
I love the idea of this trend. I have always loved applying pops of color under my eyes with liner or a shadow. I will definitely be trying out the blue trend soon!

Amplified, high intensity metallics are a huge trend this season and are showing up in so many ways in beauty:
1.     Gold and bronze brushed through the brows or accentuating the arches
2.     Bold metallic wings on the lid
3.     Metallic flashes in the inner corners of the eyes
4.     Sweeps of metallic and gem tones over the entire lid
5.     Metallic powder tapped on the tops of lip gloss and lip sticks
6.     Metallic top coats for nails

Metallic pigment powders offer tremendous versatility as they can be purposed in all these ways and more. Check our the “metals” collection by Danessa Myricks at

My thoughts
I have been seeing number 2 going around on all social media a lot lately! I love the look of a metallic liner above black liner. I might have to try something similar. I have always loved wearing gold on my lids so I might have to try number four and do a metallic gold! 

Shine of every kind

From glossed eyelids and cheekbones to highly pigmented bronzing and highlighting powders, girls are getting their shine on! 

Loose illuminating powders are the easiest way to capture these trends. They are highly versatile, allowing you easily highlight the face, facial features and the body with ease. The “Enlight” collection by Danessa Myricks has a delicious range of shades for all skin tones. Find it at

My thoughts
I think we all have seen that highlighting has become a huge trend this year and I love it! I have always loved highlighters but my love has grown especially since every brand has put out so many amazing highlighting products! The one highlighting trend I have grown to love is the nose highlight! I never realized how nice it looks in photos! It really just gives your face a nice dimension. I try not to go overboard though! Lol! :)

From Orlando Santiago

1. Bold overdrawn/extended dark or bright colored smokey eyes.
For the brighter eye colors, I would use Make Up For Ever's Flash palette or Aquarel's to paint on the entire lid for color intensity.  Also a matte velvet complexion with nude tones and a nude pink lip.

An exaggerated smokey eye using metallic texture with a pale or black liner within the lower waterline (membrane) with emphasis on the texture of the shadow, a soft combed brow that looks organic, and dewy skin texture to bring forth shine as an all-over texture.

My thoughts
I don't wear smokey eyes too often. I love the look but I guess I feel like I don't have the time to commit to a smokey eye. I tend to just throw on a neutral eye look most of the time. I will definitely have to step up my smokey eye game and try these tips and trends out!

2. Traces of a graphic eye lashes precisely on the lower lashes 

My suggestion would be to use Elevation Lashes by Danessa Myricks or Make Up For Ever and splice them up and dropping them strategically in different areas along with a nude makeup to keep the focal point on the eyes.

My thoughts
Ok I have to be honest here I hardly ever wear false lashes. I love the look they give but I feel like it's an extra step in my routine that I don't have time for. I really need to just try and wear them more. I do have quite a few pairs and they are all brand new! Eek! I will try and step up my lash game! 

3. Creamy Dark Lips

For this look, I would again create a soft and effortless canvas for the face allowing my focal point to be driven towards the dark Burgundy/Vampy/Black lip sculpted with lip liner and painted on with either Le Maquillage burgundy or Black Dahlia from Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics.

My thoughts
I love this! As I said earlier I love a bold lip. My go to look is usually a neutral eye, light blush and contour, with a bold lip. I actually have Black Dahlia from OCC and it's one of my favorites!

4. 90's Grunge with smudged liner and sculpted creases
This look ties it all together if you want to mix all three trends into one look.  From the infamous 90's grunge, this look was dominated by one of my favorite makeup artists of all time, Kevyn Aucoin, in his book "Making Faces". To me this look was so TLC music video--with strong characteristics that were dominant at the same time.

My thoughts
I actually wore smudged liner last week and I loved the look. I used a black eye kohl and smudged it out with a brush and it gave a really pretty soft smokey look that wasn't too dramatic. I might be wearing this look more often. It was so quick too! 

Sometimes people tend to either shy away from trends or turn their nose up to them. Of course we all have our own opinions and preferences but when it comes to makeup don't be afraid to try the current trends. It's just makeup and at the end of the day it washes off. I like trying new things with my makeup and am always open to trying new trends! Remember to have fun with makeup and wear what you like! 

We are days away from The Makeup Show L.A.! If you haven't done so already go get your tickets now! I hope to see you all there!