Friday, April 29, 2016

Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless Foundation Review

I received the Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless foundation courtesy of Influenster for review. I was really happy to get this since I had been wanting to try this specific foundation out. 

I love Influenster but they first sent me a shade that was way to dark for my complexion in 335 Classic Tan. This apparently happened to a lot of people they sent the product to so they sent everyone out an email the second time around with a shade chart to choose a color that best matched. 

I had a feeling the lightest shade in the options still wouldn't be a great match but I was hopeful. Unfortunately I was right and the second shade I received didn't match. This time around I received 222 True Beige and this was too pink for my skin tone. 

Swatches L to R - 335 Classic Tan,  222 True Beige, and 128 Warm Nude.

I wanted to give a fair review so I just went and purchased a shade at Target that I thought would better match me. I purchased the shade 128 Warm Nude. 

As you can see in the swatches above Warm Nude is much more yellow compared to True Beige. 

Warm Nude is a great match for me. I was happy that I could finally give a fair review! 

First off the packaging is just a regular glass bottle. I do prefer my foundation to come with a pump for sanitary purposes but it's not that big of a deal.

I would say this foundation is a light to medium coverage. If you want more of a medium coverage you have to apply a second layer. 

I usually prefer a more full coverage foundation that I can apply one layer and get the instant coverage I want. With full coverage foundations I also like that I can always sheer them out if I need to with a moisturizer.

So because I had to apply a second layer of the Maybelline Fit Me foundation I found the second layer to start to look cakey, especially around the nose and forehead area. I went in and buffed it out with a damp beauty blender to reduce the cakeness look and it did help.

The next time I wore it I applied one layer and just concealed the redness on my cheeks where I need more coverage. I liked it much more the second time since I didn't look so cakey.

The foundation sets nicely and doesn't feel tacky but I still set it with a powder to really lock it in. 

The foundation wore really well throughout the day. I did get a little shiny on my forehead and around my nose but I wasn't a grease ball by any means lol! I do have oily skin and the foundation never broke down or separated which is great!   

I have worn this numerous times already and I really like it. Most of my foundations are full coverage so I'm actually happy that this ended up having a lighter coverage. 

If you have oily skin and are looking for a lighter coverage foundation I would definitely check this out. 

Another huge plus is this foundation is so affordable! It was only $5 at Target! It's also easily accessible at any drugstore near you! 

Monday, April 25, 2016

Sonia Kashuk Brush Couture 4 Piece Brush Set Review

I'm a big Target shopper! I'm there every week buying things for the baby, house, or whatever I need but let's get real I never come out of there spending under $100 because Target just sucks you in!! Lol!

A few weeks ago I saw these new brushes from Sonia Kashuk. I was just pulled in by the bright colors! They just made me feel happy to look at them so I had to have them!

I have bought a few other Sonia Kashuk brush sets in the past and have been happy with them so I figured these would be just as good. 

I have been using this set for the past three weeks and really love them.

First of all this set was only $22 which I thought was a great deal but I had also just received a $5 off beauty coupon from target that made these an even better deal for myself!

The pink tapered brush has become my new favorite for applying a highlight. It's very soft and picks up color and deposits it nicely. I love it for blending in my whole blush/contour area as well.

The purple round dome brush I've been using to apply setting powder to my under eye. This brush is very soft and just blends everything in beautifully.

The orange brush is a synthetic buffing/foundation brush. This is the only brush I didn't love. It's too stiff and firm for my liking. I tried to use it to apply foundation and concealer but I just didn't like it. 

The yellow brush I surprisingly love! I wasn't sure what I'd use it for but I've been loving it to apply under eye concealer. I can get in close and blend it in right up against my liner and inner corners. I just love it! 

I wouldn't say this is well rounded brush set since you only get four brushes but if you have a large brush collection or are a collector and just looking to get something cute then check these out. 

I definitely love three out of the four brushes.

You can find this set on or your nearest target store.

Have you purchased this set or any Sonia Kashuk brushes lately? 

Friday, April 15, 2016

Senna Cosmetics Decade Palette The 70s Review and Swatches

I have been using Senna Cosmetics since I first really got into makeup about 10 years ago. I saw Eugenia and her line on a shopping channel and ordered a kit and have been hooked ever since!

A few years later I attended a makeup convention and saw her there. I didn't speak to her the first time because I was so nervous lol, but the following year I made it a point to go up to her and speak with her. She was so gracious and open with sharing her years of knowledge. She did my brows and I was just in awe of her work! We have been friends ever since! Her team is amazing as well! 

So of course I had to stop by her booth at The Makeup Show and see what was new!

They are celebrating their four decades in the beauty industry by bringing back shadows that they actually had out during these times. 

They came out with four palettes; the 70s, 80s, 90s, and 2K.

They are all so gorgeous! I definitely wanted them all but I got one. 

I decided to get the 70s palette! 
I thought it would be a great everyday neutral palette.
I love that I can do my whole face with just this palette.

Sandalwood is a great shade for contouring and bronzing. 

Old Ivory is a great highlighter.

Honey Nectar is a gorgeous peachy blush.

Cinnamon Wine is a beautiful brown that can be used in the crease, outer corner, or even as a liner. 

Brazen Bronze is a beautiful bronzey gold that I love wearing on my lid. 

Sago Palm is a fun bright green. You can use this on the lid but if that's too much for you, you can always smudge some on the lower lash line for a fun pop of color! 

Mace is a gorgeous auburn brown! This is a beautiful crease color! That really warms up a dark smoke eye! 

Natural light 
Sandalwood, Old Ivory, Honey Nectar, Cinnamon Wine, Brazen Bronze, Sago Palm, and Mace.

This has been my go to palette lately! It has everything I need. 

The shadows themselves are pigmented and blend beautifully! I've really been enjoying this palette.

I'm hoping I can go to the next Makeup Show so I can pick up some more Senna decade palettes! 

If you are at any kind of makeup event and get a chance to check out Senna Cosmetics I highly recommend it! If you're a pro MUA you would love these in your kit! Of course these are perfect for the every day woman as well!

These palettes are great for travel. They are slim and compact and come with everything you need to create a full face.

The Decade palettes will be available online at sometime in May!

Kat Von D Shade and Light Contour palette and Contour brush Review

I know I'm totally late to this party but I just got the Kat Von D Shade + Light Contour palette with the Contour brush thanks to the generosity of The Makeup Show a few weeks ago. This was included in the press bag! 

I knew the Kat Von D line was going to be there and this palette was at the top of my list of items to purchase so I was thrilled to see it in the goody bag! 

I love that Kat designs all her products/packaging herself! She's such an amazing artist! 

The palette consists of six powders. Three highlighting powders and three contour powders. 

Highlighting powders
Contour powders

I already have several Kat Von D products and love them! Her line just always continues to impress me. You all know I already love her liquid lipsticks, powder foundation, and eye shadow palettes, so it's no surprise that this is another hit for me!

The powders are so pigmented. They apply creamy and smooth. 

I was honestly so impressed upon my first application that the contour powder applied so evenly. I tend to have a problem with contour colors skipping on my cheeks and looking uneven since my cheek area tends to be a bit more on the dry side, but I didn't have this problem with her contour powders!! I got a nice clean contour which I was thrilled about! 

I like the three shades included because you get a cooler tone contour, along with a warmer tone, and a nice deep shade which is great for darker skin tones.

I like to mix all three to contour my cheeks. When I contour my jaw I use just the first two shades.

The highlighting powders are matte shades. They are great for highlighting without all the shimmer, setting the under eye area, and cleaning up your contour. Again you get a cooler tone, and warmer tone, and a nice peachy shade. 

This palette can also be used to fill in your brows or you can use them as shadows. It's really a great versatile palette that just keeps on giving. 

                                     Double ended contour and highlighting brush

The double ended contour brush works great paired with the palette. It picks up the perfect amount of product and you're able to blend everything in with soley this brush. I really love it! It's a must have with the palette. 

If you're a pro MUA then you definitely need this in your kit! 

I highly recommend you check this palette out at your nearest sephora or online at .

Monday, April 4, 2016

The Makeup Show L.A. Recap!

I had the opportunity to attend The Makeup Show L.A. a couple weeks ago and I had such an amazing time! 

I got to meet a few fellow bloggers. I met Krystal from Beautybykrystal, Vicky from lvmakeup, and Tristen Chabot who doesn't blog but she is a hair stylist/makeup artist. I've known these ladies through blogging and Instagram for years already so it was so nice to finally meet them in person! They were all very sweet and gorgeous! 

I got to attend the press event for the show which was such an honor! I got to see James Vincent speak about the show and share some of his favorite products that we received in the press bag. I'll have more on him in a minute.

So one of the really exciting things was seeing Kat Von D! She was on stage doing an interview with James. She shared with us how she grew up poor in Mexico and how all her succes is more than she imagined. She started getting recognized on Miami Ink for her makeup and everyone wanted to know what lipstick she was wearing. Sephora ended up coming to her to create four perfect red lipsticks, fast forward to now and she has a full line! 

Here is her lead global makeup artist Erik Soto. Did you know that you can use her liquid lipsticks as blush?! Tap a little on the cheeks and blend it out with a damp beauty blender! I love when artists share new tips! It's always great to learn something new! Your blush will last all day! 

Ok here I am with James Vincent! I had the honor of interviewing him! Like I got to sit down with him privately and ask him anything. I was so extremely nervous! I mean he has worked on celebrities! Lady Gaga, Amy Whinehouse, and so much more! 

He made me feel very comfortable. He was kind and answered all my questions. We actually got to talking about what makeup has done for us and the conversation became much more deep and I shed some tears. Earlier he had shared that he was the quiet kid alone in school with his head in books and that definitely hit me because I was the same way. I've always been a quiet shy person. Growing up I never felt like I had a thing or that I was good at anything. As a young person when you're surrounded by athletes and that's not your thing or something you excel at you can start to question your self worth. When I discovered makeup it was an amazing feeling! I finally felt like I was good at something! I felt like I discovered myself. I shared this with James and I was just overcome with emotion. He is just so inspiring and empowering! I've seen him speak before and you walk away feeling very empowered like you can take on anything. If you ever have the chance to attend the makeup show to see him or meet him don't pass it up. He's truly an amazing and passionate artist.

I also met with Shelly the owner of the makeup show. I'll be honest she felt a bit intimidating. I mean I don't get to interview powerful business women every day! But again she was very kind with me and answered all my questions. 

She created The Makeup Show 10 years ago, at a time when there was no makeup only trade shows. There were hair shows with some makeup vendors but the focus was on hair. They wanted a show for makeup professionals only and they started in New York and drew in a crowd of over 3000 artists! 

The Makeup Show takes around 3 to 4 months to prepare for a city, but they start planning about a year in advance looking for educators and exhibitors. 

They create a theme whether it be inspiration, focus, or women empowerment and build from there. 

They also look at what is trending, what's current in the industry, and what is needed in the industry. 

They really want to create a place for the artist to attend that's not only beneficial in building their kits but to gain education from. 

They really promote the fact that education is key and I completely agree.

The cosmetics industry is always changing and as an artist you need to be ready for changes and always be open to learning anything and everything. 

When asking Shelly what her biggest reward from the show is, she explained that her biggest reward is hearing from artist after the show and hearing how inspired they were. So of course when I teared up speaking with them she pointed out that that right there was her biggest reward.

I felt pretty embarrassed getting so emotional in front of these two highly successful people sitting right in front of me but they were both so gracious and comforting. 

I honestly loved speaking with them. I wasn't forced to speak with them. It would have been in my nature to pass on the interview because I am such a shy person, but I am so glad that I took the opportunity and did it! I hope I get to see them again at future shows!

New Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics lip tars! The new colors are beautiful! I have to be honest though I hate the new packaging! I loved the original packaging where you could squeeze out as much as you wanted and mix away. Now it's a regular lipgloss tube. My favorite thing about lip tars was the ease of creating new colors. Now you have to dip in, pull color out back and fourth till you have your desired amount of product. I still love the formula just not the packaging. Luckily I have almost every shade in the other packaging! :)

I'm sure you have all heard of the brand Natasha Denona by now. I've seen this brand hyped up all over social media. I for one was not going to fall into the hype! These palettes are $239 each! Although you do get 28 eye shadows and when you do the math that's an exceptional deal at $8.53 an eye shadow! That's much less expensive than most high end  eye shadows cost. Sadly not everyone wants to throw down over $200 on one palette in one shot!

So like I said these palettes have been very hyped up and I was not going to fall into the hype. They had the brand their so I decided to go check these out and see what the big deal was! Let me tell you THESE are amazing!!! Lol!!! One finger swipe across these shadows picked up so much product! They are buttery smooth, extremely pigmented, opaque, not chalky. They honesty felt and looked amazing. I did not purchase a palette but I am really considering getting at least one! We'll see when I bite the bullet and just go for it! 😬😅
Frends Beauty was their and they had the Viseart palettes for $60! I did pick up one of these palettes and it has quickly become a favorite! I'll be sharing more about these palettes in a post coming up!

Senna Cosmetics was there with their new collection celebrating their four decades in the makeup industry! They created four palettes for the four decades. I picked up the 70s palette and will share more on that in an upcoming post! 
Eugenia Weston and I go back about five years already! I met her at another makeup convention and became friends. It's always so nice to see her and her team! They are all so friendly and welcoming! She started out in makeup working at a Thriftys drugstore. It's amazing to see how far she has come! She's such an inspiration to me! I just love her!
Eugenia Weston's cosmetology license. Did you know she is the very first licensed cosmetologist in California! Her license says number 1! How cool is that!

Face charts
Some of her freelance work
Sephora was there with their Sephora brand of products! You already know I love their lip stains! I have them all! 😄

I could just stare at this sea of colors at the Inglot booth! 

Kevin Aucoin had a booth. If you don't know who Kevin is then I highly recommend you google him like right now! Then go pick up his books! I've had his books for maybe nine years already! If you want to be a makeup artist his books are a huge source of makeup tips and tricks. He was such an amazing artist with so much knowledge! 

Nars eyeshadows! 
Nars lip products! I just love all those reds and pinks! 

A makeup artist dream! A sea of Crown brushes to dive into! I'll share which brushes I picked up in an upcoming post!

My time at The Makeup Show was amazing! I have been to a few other makeup events but none have come close to The Makeup Show in terms of education and really trying to help out artists. Education is key and everyone at the makeup show is ready to share their experiences and knowledge with you. I have felt so inspired since the show. There is no judgement from anyone their whether your a seasoned pro or a beginner. You have to start some where! 

I can not wait for the next show! The Makeup Show will be holding another Pop Up Shop in San Francisco this August! For more info check out my other post with dates and info here .

If you're a Pro MUA, or just starting out I highly recommend attending The Makeup Show at a city near you!